Thanks first, for joining me here to review my portfolio!

I'm excited to share some examples of recent work across editorial, children's book, advertising, sequential art/comics, young adult fiction, storyboarding and design. I'm showcasing a variety of work here to focus on a diversity of both style and application.

Included please find three sections:

Children's Book and Young Adult editorial and book illustration. This includes my more whimsical work across a variety of media.

Sequential Art, Comics, Advertising and Storyboarding. These are examples of freelance projects delivered across advertising, publishing and marketing.

'The New World' Concept Art and Character Design. This is my pet project. A young readers effort in the spirit of 'Hugo Cabret', 'Flotsam' and 'Tuesday' partnering sequential art and narrative.

I hope you enjoy what you see here nearly as much as I enjoyed creating it!

-Joe Rinaldi 4/30/09